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Lip Emboidery

Hair line

Eyebrow Embroidery

Because you're never fully dressed without good brows.

*Comes with 1 free touch-up session within 4 months and 1 free healing gel.

Misty Microshading
$380 onwards

Provides you with an ombre and gradient effect, akin to a Korean style makeup.

$380 onwards
6D Microblading
$490 onwards

Using Phibrow's 6D techniques to create fine pigments that mimics the natural strokes of your brow hair. Note: Not ideal to cover up old brow embroidery and people with oily skin type.

$490 onwards
6D Misty / Twist
$570 onwards

Using Phibrow's 6D techniques to create a hybrid combination of 6D Microblading and Misty Microshading, giving your brows a fuller look and create a powder-drawn effect. Great for added density and extra fluff.

$570 onwards
RS Hairstrokes
$750 onwards

Latest technique of Realistic Hairstrokes which gives a soft shading  and natural look done by a digital tatto machine. Created hairstrokes for a beautiful fluffy looking set of brows.

$750 onwards

Eyeliner Embroidery

The latest microblading methodology is used to carry the entire technique effectively and painlessly draws the outline of the eyeliner embroidery that you always wanted.

*Comes with 1 free touch-up session within 4 months and 1 free healing gel.

Classic Eyeline

Classic iconic eyeline for your everyday look.

Creative Eyeline

Creative winged-like eyeline to bring you the boldness out of you.


Lip Embroidery

Brighter smile. Brighter Life.

*Comes with 1 free touch-up session within 4 months.

Lip Embroidery

Enhance your lips by bringing out the natural rosiness that one desires.


3D Hairline

An illusion of hair that realistically replicates the appearance of the real hair.

*Comes with 1 free touch-up session within 4 months.

3D Hairline
$650 onwards

Stroke-by-stroke type of embroidery that mimics the appearance of real hair on the head.

$650 onwards


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Type of customers who are not suitable for all embroideries

  • Keloid
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnant

Additional info:
Oily skin wouldn’t absorb the colour well, we will also advise for 1 or 2 shades darker.

  • Avoid collagen drink a day before session
  • It is normal to appear swell for 3 days on sensitive lip
  • Avoid hot and spicy food for first 2days
  • Avoid alcohol or pickle food for 7 days
  • Use straw for fluid
  • Maintain cleanliness on lip after eating.
  • Apply aftercare gel 5 times a day
  • Do not peel off the dead skin during peeling stage
  • Do not apply lipstick when patchy during peeling stage
  • Drink more than enough water to keep the lip moist
  • Do not touch wet and avoid activity for the first week. Especially swimming, going gym, running or other sports, as well as NO facial treatment.
  • Apply aftercare gel for 4 nights,only start applying on 2nd night
  • Do not peel or sketch the skin,let it drop naturally
  • Do not draw eyebrow for next 21 days
  • Avoid alcohol and collagen beauty drink 1 night before and after


  • Week 1: Your eyebrow will be darker and bolder than expected.
  • Week 2: You'll face some itchiness and some scalp skins. Colour and stroke will lighten by 50%.
  • Week 3: Your eyebrow will start the healing process. After healing, you will expect the colour and shape to be the most optimum.(~30% lighter than week 1)

As far as possible, we'll advise you to take additional care for your eyebrow embroidery by minimising contact with water.

This is to prevent pigment from fading too quickly and shrinking of eyebrow shape.

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